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Lists & getting rid of zebra stripes

June 12, 2011

Another family cottage weekend and little steps of progress for Villa Linnea. Other activities this gorgeous June weekend included lots of time in the lake, as well as barbecueing of course.

The key task this weekend by the Other Half was adding window lists to the master bedroom. Choosing the window lists was a bit of a project where we went back and forth about what to do, but in the end ended up using the same lists around the windows as we have as floor lists.

Needed a bit of thinking about what to do with the list that comes between window and the door, as the list has a pattern, and as we love symmetry a patterned list wouldn’t work. The solution is to have just a flat list with no pattern, which works well in the overall picture.

I’m really pleased with the results, looks very nice.

And what did I do this weekend? Got rid of the zebra stripes! You might recall I ran out of panel wax last weekend, so the dining corner had a bit of a zebra-striped-look with just some of the logs painted in anticipation of the electrician coming. Well another container of panel wax and the job is done!

Now the downstairs is almost painted in all the places where the walls won’t be covered by strairs, tiles or additional supporting structures.

BTW it’s really worthwhile to check around on the prices for paint. The panel wax we are using costs 99€ at the local K-rauta, but online we could get it for 79€. And the online shop delivered it to our frontdoor for free.

Next week we’ll start “interior design”. The electrician is coming to connect the outlets, lamps and floorheating for the downstairs, so we can start putting the furniture in the master bedroom, hanging up the lovely chandelier we found… Really looking forward to that!

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