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Painting the living room and dining corner walls

June 3, 2011

Another painting task at hand. Original plan was to paint the dining corner walls next, but as the floor was still work in progress I started with the living room.

As we were using the Bloom panel wax, as earlier in the master bedroom, I knew what to expect. Brush in hand I started and painted, painted, painted… Took me a most of the day to do the living room. It is a large room, almost 30m2.

There is also plenty of corners, which are always a bit tricky. Why? Well first you paint one wall and try to be very careful in the corner not to smudge the other wall. Then you have to wait for the first wall to dry and the do the other wall, of course being again careful not to smudge the wall you already painted. Overall I’m quite satisfied with the way the corners turned out.

For the very highest points between and above the top triangular windows in the living room I had to ask for help from the husband, as I have a slight fear of hights and just couldn’t bring myself to climb that high up on the ladder.

As for the whole living room, it looks really good now – and very white 🙂

Next I continued into the dining corner. However, as was expected, I ran out of paint about halfway through the room, so now we have a bit of a zebra look there:

Well that’s nothing a new tub of panel wax won’t fix the next time.

BTW in case you’re wondering why I haven’t painted the kitchen the reason is we’ll be building an additional support frame work for additional insulation and attaching the kitchen cabinets on top of the log wall, so makes no sense to paint something that will not be visible in the end.

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  1. August 28, 2011 8:52 pm

    Hi, good to read your post. We’re also at the phase of painting the inside wooden panels and looking for a non-toxic paint. I see you used Bloom. Is the white wall in the picture the result of one or twice painted? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    August 29, 2011 7:57 am

    We’ve painted everything just once and it looks really great (even if I say myself). At least in our case one coat gives exactly the look we’re going for.

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