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Day 2 – more floor planks

May 30, 2011

Second day of my week-long sprint: still trying to ruin my legs…

I spent most of the rainy morning on laying the heating cable (DeviKit 10Watts) in the living room. Tnis ti e I I glued the heating cable onto the aluminium foil instead of attaching it to a wire mesh (DeviKit versus Ensto recommandation for the same purpose). Using plastic hot glue to attach the heating cable is much easier and saves plenty of time because attaching the wire mesh on to the aluminium foil is pain in the bud.

Once this painful balacing act between the floorbeams was done I started screwing the floorplanks onto the floorbeams which is much more satisfying as the progress is instantly visible. After having covered half of the living room I noticed how low the living room windows actually are. Kind of nice. Did we plan this?

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