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Painting the master bedroom walls

May 25, 2011

Time for the first inside paint job at Villa Linnea! The first room to the be painted is the master bedroom downstairs, as we are aiming to get that room ready first.

We had chosen Bloom panel wax for the job, but it’s always interesting to see how the product looks like on your wall compared to those samples in the shop. 2.5L is supposed cover 30m2, but just to be safe we had 2×2.5L as you don’t want to run out when you’re almost done.

Weather was co-operative, as the temperature was +15 (also inside without heating). The product requires +12-25. So no  more  excuses, time to start!

Just to be on the safe-side I started with the wall that will be hidden by closets. It’s nice to familiarize yourself with how the product “works” before going to walls you’ll be staring at for the rest of your life.

On the can it recommends that it may be faster if you use a brush for the joints and a roller for the beams. Of course I followed this instruction, but after about 4 beams I gave up and went back to the traditional way using just the wide brush. Why? Well, the roller didn’t give me a satisfactory, even finish on the beam and I had to go back and corrects the joints a lot. So with just a brush in hand things finally really got rolling (pardon the pun)!

The product was really easy to use. As it’s a wax it didn’t even drip, so it was really nice to paint. Of course once the first wall started drying the finish looked a bit uneven, but from previous experience with the guest cottage painting I knew this was part of the drying process. Even colouring comes only after the wax is totally dry.

The masterbedroom in about 20m2 and it took me about 4 hours to paint the whole room. And I managed to do it with less than one 2,5L bucket of paint – I think there’s still bout 1cm left at the bottom of it.

The next day once all the walls were completely dry (it dries in 2 hours, but I was busy with other stuff for the rest of the day) I went – being quite excited – to see how the walls look like. I was really positively surprised!

First of all one coat of the wax is enough, it gives a very nice, whitewashed look (but not too white). Then when you touch the wall it has a satin-like feel to it, very nice. Not at all shiny or slick as with some paints. And best of all – the finished job looks really nice and even. I am extremely happy with the end result – it turned out even better than I had hoped for!

See for youself below:

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