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Attaching ceilings panels

May 22, 2011

It was time to attach the ceiling panels in the bedroom during this weekend’s sprint. Because the sun is shining almost throughout the night in the Finnish Summer, it’s worthwhile to keep the sun out of the bedroom from all directions. And with the sun shining through the window of the tower on the second floor I thought it’s better to attach the ceiling panels.

Naturally, before attaching the ceiling panels, one needs to pull all the cables that run underneath the ceiling. And that includes the electricity cables not only for lights, but also for the smoke detector (which has to be connected nowadays to permanent power supply), the outside lamp in front of the bedroom, and the power supply for the floor heating. The later one is one of thicker cables (5×1.5mm) and causes some serious patience training while fumbling them through the 40mm thin holes in the logs.

The attaching of the ceiling panels is a relative fast task with the pneumatic nail gun unless one either gets the cutting of the boards wrong once or twice and the paint job of the pre-painted ceiling panels is faulty in one out of ten panels. Which then results in,…, being short of exactly one panel before the job gets done. That’s naturally slightly annoying. Well, what can you do? Buy another pack of ceiling panels and complete the task next time.

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