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Redoing the sheet metal

May 15, 2011

One of the most boring jobs is to fix what other people have done. Especially if you are paying good money for it. Half of this weekend’s work effort (Friday evening shift and Saturday) went into changing the sheet metal work on the roof around the towers. Not only did I have to remove the sheet metal but also did I have to tear off the plywood that was behind it. The plywood boards have been installed by the building crew, but except where the plywood is needed to let the air circulate under the roof over the bedroom it has little functional value. And guess what I found after removing the metal sheet, the plywood boards, and the last row of tar shingles?! A window covering board – nicely hidden all of that. Once all the nails and screws had been removed I aligned the sheet metal strip with the window board and attached a new road of tar shingles to neatly. While I still have to fix the corners around the logs, one can see the difference already now. The photo below demonstrates the difference: on the left tower is what I want, on the right tower is what I got from the constructors.

And here is another funny anecdote about the assembly crews for log homes: Already on the first day of the project (the day the truck with the logs drove into the ditch), the first members of the assembly crew showed up in their Mammuttihirsi work clothes: jackets and pants all perfectly Mammuttihirsi branded. Gives a good impression, right? Guess what? While watching Unelmamökki (Finish for dream cottage) on TV yesterday I saw the two members of the assembly crew again. This time in different outfit: all freshly dressed as Honkarakenne assembly crew. They even wore safety helmets for the TV show which I never saw even once on my construction site. They were even introduced as Honkorakenne assembly crew in the subtitles. Obviously, these guys are somewhat interchangeable. Do they have three or four sets of cloths from different log home brands in their vans? Well, Finland is a small country.

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  1. Same um...guys, different..umm.. home :) permalink
    June 7, 2011 1:49 pm

    Are you sure they were same guys? 🙂 If so, they will be wearing more MammuttiHirsi clothing in future (

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