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Logs painted with primer

May 8, 2011

About 18 liters of protective primer later and Villa Linnea is protected from mold for starters.

Another weekend before the summer, another weekend gig. I drive up on Friday and come home Saturday evening to spend time with the family. When I arrived I got the first look at weather shielding sheet metal around the towers that the sheet metal guys had attached during last week. The work and materials cost some 1000 euro and I have to admit that I’m not entirely happy. I can’t even blame the sheet metal guys. They did the work in accordance to what level we had talked about. But the result is not what I was hoping for.

The sheet metal is on different height and not aligned around the windows. And the sheet metal is on different heights on the different sides. Looking from a distance nothing seems really line up nicely. Argh! This is the result if one contractor continues where the last one left the work. The plywood boards (that allow air flowing under the roof and allow logs to settle without the metal sheet being bend out of shape) behind the metal sheets happen to be on different height and therefore the metal sheets are also the same way. Nobody looks really at the final product (except us). Instead of cutting the plywood boards a bit slimmer to align on each side, they worked to the design drawings from Mammuttihirsi. Should I blame them? Well, the devil is in the detail and I get the feeling I need redo some of the metal sheet work.

On the productive side of things I managed to have the floor beam construction for living room ready for insulation. Good progress on that side. Maybe, I’ll manage to get to install all the floor planks of the first floor still before midsummer. We’ll see.

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