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Work camp – Day 2

April 27, 2011

It’s hard not to worry about the news around the world even at at remote place like a countryside estate, but it helps to keep yourself busy.

I put today aluminium paper over the insulation in order to keep the heat radiating upward. No need to heat the insulation (suggested by Ensto) and not a bad idea. The next layer of this sandwich is a chickenwire mesh (or how do you call this net?).The last thing today was the installation of the heating cables which took like…forever and my back is still aching from all that bending over. But the worst is done now (for this room) and I can start tomorrow attaching the floor planks.

After a day of work, having enjoyed a lonely sauna round, nothing is more rewarding than gazing at Villa Linnea in the sunset. Makes it all worth it.

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