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Start of groundfloor building

April 17, 2011

Time to get started on the inside works of Villa Linnea.

The assembly crew attached the actual floor beams, but the rest of the work is up to me. First step in building the ventilated floor construction (Finnish: rossipohja) is to lay the drainage pipes and water supply pipes as this would be significant more difficult involving some serious crawling once the floor construction is ready. Next is to attach planks and bars underneath the floor beams that will hold the weather-shield board. The result looks something like this:

While taking this photo I took also a snapshot of the second floor of Villa Linnea. One can almost imagine how it’s going to look like one day.

I also spent another 4 hours on attaching the coverings boards around the window and the door on the bedroom side. Now all the window boards are installed (at least for once until I’m starting all over again correcting the little mistakes the builders or I made in the first attempt.

The local shield metal guy also visited to measure how much and what kind of sheet metal is needed to finish the roof works where the roof meets the logs especially around the towers. The sheet metal builder made a very nice impression. I hope only that his prices are as nice as his impression… Well, why not? He also told me his view on the quality of work of different building crews from different log house vendors. Based on his experience, and he should actually know quite well as he always faces what the builders left behind for him to be completed with sheet metal, Finnlamelli has the best crews, with Mammuttihirsi coming in as second best. He didn’t have much good to say about Honka and Kontio assembly crews. While I’m not entirely unhappy about Mammuttihirsi’s assembly work, I’m surprised how badly he rated the work of the market leaders in log homes. Well, I tell you more about our experience with Mammuttihirsi in my upcoming blog post: The Silence of the Mammoths.

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