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Frame inspection completed

April 10, 2011

Villa Linnea’s load baring structure was approved this week. Together with the architect that oversees the building the local building inspector checked out the structure of the roof, the floor,  and how Villa Linnea overall fits into the landscape. The current works were approved with the request to file the detailed construction drawings – which weren’t part of the approval process – in the local archive. Again a major milestone approved. The building inspector rated the amount of readiness with 50%. Well, 2 month into the building, we wish it would be ready in another 2 months. Hardly.

The construction crew is also ready with their works. Only small finishing works remained undone. Even that we went through the open items with the crew leader on site three things remained undone. I’m not sure why. Pure laziness or hurry I have to admit. They forgot to straighten one of the adjustable pillar legs, forgot to reattach one of the window covering boards, and did put another window covering board asymmetrical after straighten them up. If you don’t get it right the second time, you do it three times.

Annoying is all that scrap wood flying around. It will take me a while until I have cut that one into firewood. Well, let’s have the sun dry it first a bit. And then there is the debate with Mammuttihirsi on what the assembly of a floor structure (trossien asennus for those that understand Finish) includes. But about our experience with Mammuttihirsi’s customer’s service we’ll write in another blog post.

But for now, we enjoy that the outer shell of Villa Linnea is in good shape, the building frame approved and we can start the inside works next weekend.

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