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99% of the roof done

April 3, 2011

What a pleasant surprise when I did stop by our Villa Linnea construction site this weekend: the assembly crew has been working hard and had installed all the missing tap-paper and also the tar shingles which we thought will be attached only in May when it is warmer. But obviously a little flame torch does create heat to get the job done. Only some few corner pieces of the tar shingles – which there were to few off delivered – will be installed next week. Only a few finishing works are to be done. Small things like correcting crooked window covering boards, install some forgotten tightening rods, and add roof materials in some places like the one pictured below.

The assembly crew intends to complete all the work that belongs to the contract during next week. We’ll see.

The weather wasn’t too great and the photo of Villa Linnea doesn’t show in its best shape.

What I should have expected – as it isn’t scope of the contract – that I need to order somebody to put sheet metal in all the places where the tar shingles are touching the logs, for example, around the terrace roof and the tower. There is an additional cost I didn’t account for. Well, that’s how building projects are.

I spend again a good amount of time collecting 8 bags of tar paper, packaging material and scrap pieces of tar shingles, which is about half of the garbage the produced during the week. I hope I can soon start creating my own garbage instead of cleaning after somebody else…

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