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Outdoor covering boards

March 27, 2011

Weekend = time to check how Villa Linnea is doing. A hefty storm has passed through Finland and unfortunately left also some damage on tar-paper that covers the roof. The temporary attachment of the tar paper with few nails (probably not even anywhere close to the manufacturers recommendation) didn’t survive the storm blowing from the lake. Well, that’s another email to Mammuttihirsi. If you don’t do it right the first time, you end up doing it twice.

I spent some hours adding tightening rods which the assembly crew had conveniently forgotten. Adding them afterward is anything than as easy if it was done before the roof has been done. The bending and fiddling of 3 meters long rods from the bottom up the tower ain’t particular fun.

I spent most of my time putting the covering boards around the doors. The construction of these is more labor-intensive than I expected. Because the top board cannot be attached to any logs the whole thing needs to be essentially assembled first on the ground before it can be nailed against the few planks on the sides of the door that do not settle over time.

This carpeting work is maybe not exactly not exactly my favorite part. Also a table circular saw that refuses to work unless it has heated up at 20 degrees inside of the guest cottage and a snow storm do not make this job really fun. It took my an unbelievable four hours to build and attach the boards around the terrace door and the adjoining window with the weathering strip adding an additional complexity in the process. Well, here is the carpeting masterpiece (which it really isn’t as I still need to do some improvements later on).

I think next time I do something else before I do the boards around the other terrace door. Or I’ll wait for the summer…

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