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Windows and floor beams installation

March 17, 2011

All windows have been installed now. Missing are still the covering boards and the window weathering strips, but they will make an appearance in the next days. The metal weathering strips delivered were too wide to be installed but the troop leader of the assembly crew personally brought the correct size ones with him to get things moving forward.

The tar-paper is still missing on some of the covered terraces because the assembly crew ran out of material. I’m not entirely surprised considering the amount of scrap tar-paper they create with their cowboy builder style. Well, the good intent counts. And they will do the rest together with the installation of the tar shingles which can only be attached once temperatures are above 10 degrees Celcius.

But what’s to worry when you got a view like this from the living room?

Also the floor beams and their support beams on the first and the second floor are now installed. Slowly, but surely one can recognize now the dimensions of each room.

We’ll see how things look like at the weekend.

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  1. March 21, 2011 9:35 pm

    Looks good. I guess is pretty exciting to see the outside ready, no more snow inside the house :).

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