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Windows on the first floor

March 13, 2011

Roof construction is almost done for the spring except for the covered terraces. Too much ice and snow on the roof boards forced the builders to spend a day of work on something else. They installed the windows on the first floor and put the window covering boards together before installing them.

Window covering boards need always some careful consideration in log houses. As the logs are setting by several centimeters over the next 5 to 7 years, window covering boards cannot be attached as one would do usually on the logs behind them. We asked the builders to create a more contemporary look of window covering boards than the standard Mammuttihirsi model and they kindly agreed to make them. most likely because it is less work.

I kept myself busy by collecting three garbage sacks of tar-paper that were lying around Villa Linnea. I spent another three hours inserting insulation material around the windows. The insulation material above the windows needs to be some that compresses when the logs are setting down. The glass wool I used is a nasty enemy that fights with tiny pieces of glass irritating your skin even when you use gloves. But things are moving ahead and the progress is great to see.


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