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Roofworks – tarpaper coming into play

March 10, 2011

All roof boards are now attached. Tar paper is making an appearance making Villa Linnea waterproof from above. A welcome sight considering that more snow and rain is expected in the coming days.

Also boards under the roof are being installed making Villa Linnea looking even better. While the assembly crew did not exactly show much patience for beautiful works until now, the finishing details of these boards is actually rather nice.

Traffic on the ice on the lake from random visitors is also increasing these days. Seems like that the word about the existance of Villa Linnea has spread to the locals and more and more ice fishers and snowmobiles make an appearance “coincidentally” in front of our beach. Even some cross country skiing tracks make an appearance in the snow around the building site.

Based on the current speed I expect that Villa Linnea will be protected from the wet elements by the end of this week. Naturally, piles of snow are still flying in through the wide open holes for the windows and the doors. But that’s something to be taken care off in the weeks to come.


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