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Roofworks continued

March 5, 2011

13 working days into the assembly of Villa Linnea and still not all roof boards are attached. Well, it’s not that we wanted to built a French castle with 150 little towers but two towers make for a good character, right? The fact that the builders only once or twice a year get to work on such a complex roof structure (even if it relatively small) is somehow surprising. Do most log homes just have two large roof surfaces and one covered porch? The builders spent most of day 13 on finalizing the roof beams of the towers and I wouldn’t be surprised if the towers finally get their roof boards on the next building day.

Waiting for me there was the usual cleaning after building crew. 5 meters around Villa it looks like somebody would have blown up a pile of roof boards. Roof boards in all sizes are lying around. I cut half cubic meter of firewood but there is much more to come. I also spent some 4 hours hammering more pegs into the logs that tie them together. The building crew seems to take a rather liberal interpretation of how many wooden pegs are to be used. I added some 30 pegs on top of the logs for good taste. It can’t harm and keeps the towers hopefully from flying away when the wind blows from the lake.

But on a sunny day what could be more rewarding then enjoying the view from Villa Linnea to the lake? The sunset in the summer is going to be fantastic.

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