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Topping-Out Ceremony – Harjannostajaiset – Richtfest

February 28, 2011

Three days work on the roof beams and we could celebrate the so-called topping-out (according to my dictionary). Now the roof takes really shape and shows the complexity of the structure which then again makes Villa Linnea special. So it was time to celebrate. With a glass of sparkling wine (and sparkling juice for the junior), a short blessing of the building in German, and the breaking of a glass for good luck, the ceremony was conducted with the family.

After that we were back to our low pay jobs of cleaning up after the construction crew. An impressive amount of 12 garbage bags purely with packaging material for the logs, two bags with metal strings holding the logs together, and another bag with random crap is the outcome of the log assembly. Not to mention 1 m3 of firewood used for transportation of the logs.

Also some of the inside pillars were installed in the last three days in order to hold up the roof structure. Things look a bit weird inside the center section of Villa Linnea now, but most of these beams will disappear either under the ceiling boards or in the intermediate floor structure.

Unfortunately, the other pillars around the covered terraces have not been installed yet and therefore the picture is not complete yet. But the assembly crew installed also the metal bars to tighten the logs together.

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