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Frame assembly – day 4, the final day

February 23, 2011

Another cold day in Finland, but not cold enough not to continue the log assembly. The assembly crew actually showed up already on Monday without the mobile crane and did some preparation work. But things really moved forward on day 4 of the log frame assembly. Starting in -18 degrees Celsius at 10.00, the crew of 4 men worked until 19.00 in the evening. But the progress was impressive. The two guys from the assembly crew that were balancing on top of the logs hammering each of them in place seem to have no fear and another job as flying stuntmen in the circus (without a net).

In the early afternoon, the silhouette of the second floor of Villa Linnea appeared on the horizon. The two towers and the high living room section opening towards the lake make an beautiful appearance.

But the assembly crew worked already one day on putting together the frame structures for the two towers. It is clearly easier to assemble these complex structures on the ground the on top of the towers.

Before it was getting dark, the log frame was pretty much assembled with the exception of some half logs that finish off each wall. And it was time to let the roof frames fly over the towers. Again, an amazing sight for somebody like me. Gracefully landing on top of the logs of the tower and giving Villa Linnea again more of its own character.

The crew completed the day by lifting already some more roof beams on top of the roof waiting for the assembly in the coming days.

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