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Frame assembly – day 3

February 13, 2011

After day 3 (another really cold day) things progressed to a stage that the shape of the towers becomes recognizable. Although I expected a bit more progress on day 3 things are shaping up nicely. The assembly crew must have left early because when our architect inspected the site at 14.00 there was nobody to be seen anymore. Not surprising as the crew most has to drive home to their families after staying for a week at a rental log cabin.

Villa Linnea is slowly becoming its signature face i.e. the high triangular shaped living room wall in the center of the building. How the assembly crew is building this without decent scaffolding around the house is a mystery to me, but I probably don’t want to know.

I used the Saturday to clean up after the assembly crew. Already the first (out of many more to come) garbage collection resulted in 5 garbage bags purely of plastic foil and one with metal bands that held the log packages together.

I also started drilling the horizontal holes for the electricity cables below the floor and the power outlets as it is the easiest when there is no floor installed yet standing up straight. Here I noticed that the builders had unfortunately congested one the electricity holes with a wooden peg used to connect two logs to each other. The builders tried to avoid closing off the electricity holes with these wooden pegs by marking them with nails below the floor level. But in order this to be successful you need to put naturally the nails to the right place. In one place in the bedroom they managed to be off by 40cm with the nail and they hammered one of pegs into the unmarked electricity hole. Luckily this was only for an power outlet on the floor level. With a creative drilling effort I managed to bypass the wooden peg.

While the assembly crew estimated three days to put up the log frame I don’t think they will be quite done on day 4 either yet. But things are moving forward and I’m in no hurry before spring comes.

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