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Building plans

January 31, 2011

With 7 days to D-Day, we got the building plans from Mammuttihirsi. Finally we see the details of how each log wall will be built. All details from the slightly more complicated roof structure to the floor constructions are taken shape on the drawings.

The building plans came also with an updated material list, the first one since the order confirmation. And it is impressive from what Villa Linnea will build:

  • some 500 meters of logs (204×218)
  • over 3000 meters of roof board (23×95)
  • hundreds  of meters of different roof and floor beams (48×198, 42×148)
  • hundreds and hundreds of meters of different supporting beams and planks (25×50, 22×100, 48×48 and so on)
  • 31 pre-assembled roof structure elements
  • over 60 pieces of wind-proofing sheets (1200x2400x12)
  • 18 massive pillars (200×200)

I’m not sure how we are going to store all this stuff not to mention the roofing materials and the windows. This will be an interesting challenge to solve. 7 days to go until the first truck will show up with some 500 meters of logs.









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