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The making of the first log

January 20, 2011

A day at the factory of log home dreams is over. Mammuttihirsi invited us kindly to visit their manufacturing site in Northern Finland. The customer service exceeded all my expectations.

We agreed the factory visit a week ago because yesterday was the day they starting carving the logs for Villa Linnea. Our customer representative and the marketing manager from Mammuttihirsi welcomed us at the airport in Oulu. They spent pretty much the whole day with us and answered all questions. We had the chance to get an open doors tour through their office building, which happens to Finland’s biggest log-built office. We met the designer of Villa Linnea and got another 360 3D look at our second home. We met one of the two owners of this family business who even remember our project and where it is located.

Most interesting was the making of the logs. From the gluing machine, the durability testing lab, to the single machine that cuts the logs to measure, drills the holes and carves out the joints. That machine leaves a smooth finish.

The calibration of the machine to make joints fit just right at the beginning of each project is impressive. Few millimeters here make a huge difference.

But here it is: Villa Linnea’s first log [the small one]. A moment in history for us log home dreamers. Who can claim that he saw the making of the very first log live?

The customer representative went through the project schedule once more. I finally got a bit more info on the assembly schedule. The logs will be delivered in three weeks from now and the assembly will start in the following week and should take some 6 weeks.

We completed the perfect factory visit with the mandatory tourist image of Veeti, the Mammutti mascot. Overall, I’m positively surprised how few people it takes to run the business and manufacture the logs. Mammuttihirsi is a rather efficient business.

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