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from the past: The Lighthouse Outhouse

January 15, 2011

The majority of Finns use some kind of outhouse to complete their business in the countryside. Most of them rely on the biological decomposition principle. Only in the last years it has become more common for larger cottages such as Villa Linnea to have regular water-based toilets in the cottages. So, before building anything else, I built an outhouse. Even before we built the sauna cottage. The traditional box design didn’t appeal to me. I went for a bit more remarkable design: a lighthouse.This design is not only fun, but light comes in not only through a tiny window but also through the tower.

Maybe, we didn’t need to go as far to do a CAD drawing and a three dimensional model of the outhouse, but if if you have an retired engineer at hand, then a good plan makes life easier.  Sometimes it’s better to have an idea, let somebody else do the planning, and stick to the building itself. This project was fun because it was a nice way to stay busy while waiting for the snow to melt.

Our design consists of 6 pieces allowing us to built the outhouse at home and transport it in a trailer to the cottage.

We assembled the outhouse within half a day on the first of May 2008. The first building on our cottage land was ready and ready for business.

We deassembled and assembled the outhouse once more during the summer 2010 moving it 3 meters out of the view from the guest cottage, which happened to be a minor planning mistake.


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