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from the past: building a Kimara 35 cabin

January 12, 2011

It was a rainy summer, the summer 2008. But that didn’t stop friends and family to built within 5 weeks the guest cottage that also serves as our cottage until Villa Linnea is ready. The guest cottage is pretty much a standard Kimara 35 model. All parts were delivered by the manufacturer. The assembly and all other works except the electricity work was done by ourselves.

It all starts on day one from foundation up.

We were 6 men putting the log frame together in only one weekend. With clearly defined roles for each person the assembly of the logs was straight forward. Two men were digging out the next logs. One was putting the insulation between the logs. Two men were assembling the logs on top of other. And one was drilling the holes for the electricity cables.  It’s like building with Legos just easier because each part is even numbered. After Day 1 we got as far as this:

But as always when there is more than cook involved mistakes cannot be entirely avoided. We managed to put one log in too early and, therefore, the window on the right hand side was one row lower than intended. But that’s nothing a little chainsaw can’t fix…

We made even more progress on the second day and managed to put in the ridge beam still on the same day. The occasional rain forced us to cover the construction few times during the building.

With the biggest lifting effort done, we could continue the work with a smaller crew of 3 people. Building the roof is a much slower process than anticipated. It takes quite some time to assemble the roof beams, insert the insulation, nail on the roof boards and cover it with tar paper. Thank god for those pneumatic nail guns, which was my best tool investment ever.

The rest of summer we managed to put in the door and the windows, built the floor construction, and install the floor boards. After four weeks I was able to sleep in the guest cottage myself since our rental cottage deal was over. Building the floor construction is fun and fast, but laying the floorboard (28x95mm) is a slow fight. After 5 weeks we closed the summer labor camp and went back to our regular jobs.

One year later, after a lot of painting and spending some 15 weekends to finish the interior of the guest cottage, the guest cottage was ready and approved by the local building inspector.

By the way, did I mention that we build also a Kimara 17 sauna cabin to the same level? Well, it was a busy summer.

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