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from the past: Delivery of Kimara 17 and 35

January 9, 2011

How much trucks do you need to deliver a log cabin of 25 m2 and a sauna cabin of 11 m2? One.

In about 4 weeks the materials for Villa Linnea should be delivered. How many truck loads and how many packages do we need to prepare for?

Delivery of logs and other materials during the summer is one thing. You throw a few beams underneath the packages and that’s it. Things are a bit different during winter. Mammuttihirsi suggest in their standard guidelines that one should prepare 20 to 30 pallets to put under the packages. The standard guidelines have been made with the assumption that the first floor is made from massive logs and the second with a leight-wight frame construction. Villa Linnea will be massive all the way up. So, how many pallets do we need?

The best prediction for the future is the past, or? The guest cottage of 25 m2 made from 9 cm logs consisted of 7 packages including the deck materials (image below).

Villa Linnea is made from 20 cm logs. My guess is that we will get somewhere between 22 to 25 packages. That means we need at least 44 pallets. It would have been easier if Mammuttihirsi let’s us know a bit earlier how many packages exactly we need but I guess the shipment list comes only later when the materials have packaged. In this kind of winter with plenty of snow I really don’t want any materials lay on the ground. Organizing the pallets was a little bit of effort but now almost all of them waiting for delivery.

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