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Purchasing doors

October 31, 2010

While we are buying the outer shell of Villa Linnea including Pihla Thermo windows from Mammuttihirsi, we searched for doors ourselves. The doors from Kaskipuu which Mammuttihirsi offers are all designed for private homes and didn’t fit our log cabin style.

We first studied the doors from the usual suspects such as Fenestra, Skaala, 7 Veljesta, and Jeld-Wen. But finding anything in plain, unfinsihed wood (fir or pine tree) or otherwise natural brown in log cabin style meeting the 2010 building regulations proofed rather difficult.

Almost by coincidence we saw at a independent hardware store nearby a sample door which we instantly liked. That one had a teak finish and small square windows. Perfect for us symmetry-loving folks. It turned out that the manufacturer of this door was Paijanne-Ovet, which we haven’t heard of before.

Image from The door looks much better in teak in real life. Based on this image I would have never bothered with this supplier. Their marketing department needs to get better images (and a better web site to go with them).

At home again, we checked whether Paijanne-Ovet also has some basic terrace doors in unfinished pine which we could stain to brown colour. And indeed, they had such terrace doors called Huhti. We needed two of those.

Resellers of Paijanne-Ovet are few in Filand but it turned out that Rautia in Malmi sells them too. So, we got also an offer from Rautia. The order went to Rautia as they offered the Nuotta door for 615 Euro instead of 800 Euro the independent hardware store demanded. Total cost for the three doors: 1580 3uro.

Delivery timing was a little bit of a mystery. When we got the offer from Rautia the quoted delivery time was 5 weeks. In the order confirmation three days later, the delivey time had magically grown to 10 weeks. When I called and asked Rautia were our doors are 10 weeks+1 day later, I was promised delivery in 5 days. Naturally, the doors were not there 5 days later but only 8 days later. For that delay, I noodled a 100 Euro gift certificate out of Rautia.

Otherwise no complaints yet. Build quality seems to be okay. Material finish better than expected. Packaging was quite flimsy with some slim boards protecting the fronts of the door. Those boards were attached to the frame of the door in a way that ruins the edges of the frame. Well, that’s what lists are for…

In summary, quality seems okay, price competitive, packaging flimsy, and delivery time is random.

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