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Earth moving

August 18, 2010

Obviously, one needs to do some decent damage to the Finnish countryside in order create a suitable space for Villa Linnea, which has outer dimensions of 18 x 12 meter.

So we asked our local earth moving man, who has pretty much a monopoly position in the county, how much preparing the foundation hole would cost. In his usual Finnish charm, we got a rather-not-so-precise cost estimate of approximately 10000 Euro depending how much rocks they would find that must be blown up to pieces. With close-to-zero negotiation power and very positive experience on his previous estimates (200m forest road=4000 Euro and foundation holes for guest and sauna cottages= 7000 Euro), we agreed verbally with him that he does the job based on hourly compensation (55 Euro per hour digging about). To be honest, I think it would be insult to this constructor to ask for a written contract…

So, then he came with heavy machinery and after 3 days, there was a huge flat space (and a huge mess around it) waiting for the first load of gravel.

A few days later, truck loads of the gravel was delivered and spread over some 200m2.

I’m still waiting today for the invoice. We’ll see whether we get anywhere close to 10000 Euros. Anyway, now we can start with the foundation itself…

Update (04.01.2011): Just got word from the earth mover. Invoice will be about 8300 Euro without value added tax. The man keeps his promises. I like!


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