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Floor, foundation and plumbing plan

April 29, 2010

You gotta have a plan if you build a house of the dimensions of Villa Linnea. A two story building made from massive, over 20 cm thick logs needs some thinking. Not to mention that the building regulation requires us to plan the foundation, the plumbing, and the ventilation well in advance. And because you need to drill holes for the electricity cables into the massive logs, you need to plan also the electricity well in advance.

The floor plans are still one of the easiest exercises. You know what maximum building rights you’ve got, in our case 150 m2, and you try to make as good use of them as possible. You can only play around with high, open spaces such as in the living room and adding terraces around the building, but not much more without increasing meaninglessly the building costs. We decided for a large living room, decently dimensioned master bed room, a medium size bath room, and useful kitchen/dining area on the first floor. The second floor consists mainly of the two towers as kids room and the open room in between those.

Next truly relevant plan is the foundation plan. In our case, we got the plan pretty much made by Mammuttihirsi. We just had to figure out how large we want the foundation for the fireplace.

Next are plumbing plans, and ventilation plans.

Plumbing and ventilation plans together costs 1200 Euro. Based on the time spent for drawing few pipes in AutoCAD I doubt it’s a fair deal. Still missing are the electricity plans…

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