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A short history until now

January 1, 2010

This blog is following the building process of Villa Linnea, a log cabin for all-around-the-year use on a lake in Southern Finland. So, what has happened until now on our precious little piece of land which we bought from a local in October 2007?

Well, after the mandatory clearing of forest on some 3000 m2 of land and plowing through the building area with heavy machinery, we were set to build the sauna and guest cottages.

After getting electricity (a major financial investment into Vattenfall), drilling a fresh-water well 103 meters deep into Finnish rock, and setting up the obligatory bio-outhouse (featured below) in lighthouse design, we were ready to get serious about building the guest and sauna cottages.

In good Finnish tradition, we assembled with help of friends and family first the sauna cottage, a Kimara 17 model with minor modifications, some 15 meters from the beach. After painting and other finishing work, it looks something like this.

In addition to the sauna, we also build the guest cottage (which naturally represents our accommodation until Villa Linnea is ready). The outer shell of the guest cottage, a Kimara 33 model again with some small modifications, was pretty much ready during the summer 2008.

Interior work and outside painting of both sauna and guest cottage was completed in late summer 2009 when the building inspector gave his final approval to our work.

Now that we had built two small, pre-manufactured cottages by ourselves it was time to move ahead with the main challenge: building Villa Linnea.

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